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TechnoAutos ™ Smart LED Interior Kit

TechnoAutos ™ Smart LED Interior Kit

TechnoAutos ™ Smart LED Interior Kit

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TechnoAutos ™ Smart LED Kit

We have finally developed the Mobile-Friendly Smart LEDs to brighten up the mood and atmosphere of any car works great at night time and look amazing once fitted they really fo transform the car.

  • Universal - Fits any make or model of car
  • Control them straight from your Smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Powered directly from the cigarette lighter
  • RGB Color Wheel
  • Easy Installation

Check out the App!

What's Included

  • Light Source (3.4 Meters) - To reach anywhere!
  • Light Guide (6 Meters) - To guide the light where you need can be bent and easily fitted.
  • Bluetooth Receiver - This is to connect the LEDs to the Mobile App.
  • Cigarette Lighter - Power source with ON/OFF button.

The power cable is long enough to reach just about anywhere you would want it to, and the light guide is extremely strong and flexible making it very easy to fit and tuck away making for a very nice finished installation

Common Installation Layout

This would be the typical layout for running the light guide cable this is for reference only and your car may be different. For installation please refer to our Installation Page for more information.

Before and After Installation


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